Initially, many organizations are asked to do an investigation in response to audit questions. Who owns what, who has access to what, how data is being used, where it resides, etc. are answers firms must provide to their auditors. Many organizations have difficulty answering the simplest of these questions.

It’s Critical…
Not surprisingly, there is an increased need to have a handle on where information exists, and how it is accessed throughout an organization. Not one industry is more vulnerable than any other. Banks, financial institutions, pharmaceutical and other related health organizations face increased scrutiny because of the alphabet soup of regulations that govern them.

An effective strategy surrounding your data will ensure that you limit your exposure to audit risk, regulatory fines and heightened scrutiny by the regulatory agencies that are responsible for oversight.

How We Get You There…
Having a clear bi-directional view of your infrastructure, understanding the Data and the People and how they relate, will allow for the creation of an effective Compliance Strategy, and as a result, adherence to the regulations by which your organization is governed.


Affected Industries

The SPHERE method to ensuring compliance is to follow a multi-phased approach by assessing, strategizing and finally, implementing the appropriate plan. Identifying areas that need to be bolstered, addressed or remediated are avenues that SPHERE takes to create an environment of increased compliance.

Whether you simply need to understand what you have, remediate the current environment or automate the process for ongoing compliance policies, SPHERE Technology Solutions can help!