Data Governance

Data Governance

Data Governance is an all-encompassing strategy that ensures your organization has the right policies and processes to allow for the proactive control of your infrastructure. It is critical to the functioning of distributed organizations to have a Data Governance strategy, with the appropriate rules that govern the explosive amounts of data that is being generated daily.

It’s Critical…
The recent events that have struck major organizations that include the access to PII, hacks into secure systems and attempts to interrupt trading and financial systems will only increase in number and severity. In order to mitigate any issues with data contamination and leakage, your program needs to include a robust governance portion. Otherwise, the strategy is like closing the proverbial barn door after your data has escaped.

How We Get You There…
Having a clear bi-directional view of your infrastructure, understanding the Data and the People and how they relate, will allow for the creation of an effective Data Governance Strategy.

The SPHERE method to establishing effective data governance, independent of the repository it belongs to, is the following multi-phased approach:


  • Understand what you have
  • What is stale
  • Who has access
  • Who owns the data
  • Identify high risk issues


  • Create process for staged removal of stale data
  • Introduce a standardized policy for existing and future data and access
  • Structure risk remediation with minimal impact to business


  • Implement staged removal of stale data
  • Assign ownership to active data
  • Migrate data to appropriate repository
  • Classify data based on sensitivity, criticality, etc.


  • Scheduled entitlement review
  • Ongoing data and access provisioning
  • Ad hoc process for movers, joiners and leavers
  • Proactive reporting

Whether you simply need to understand what you have, remediate the current environment or automate the process for ongoing governance policies, SPHERE Technology Solutions can help!