Protect Your Information – Insider Threats Webinar

Insider Threats

Are you one of the organizations not properly detecting insider threats? Will you be the next news worthy victim of an attack perpetrated by an insider?

The insider threat can be realized from any level and anyone associated to your organization who has access to sensitive information, intellectual property or proprietary data. The insider has authorized access to critical information and misuses that access to damage or steal critical information or systems. An insider threat is real; the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigation Report states that 25% of the recently reported data breaches involves internal actors. In addition, according to the 2017 SANS Insider Threat Survey, that 38% of the respondents said they do not have effective ways to detect insider attacks; the more significant issue is that organizations are not detecting insider threats rather than that they are not happening. Organizations often do not spend money in a critical area if they cannot qualify the losses.

Listen to our webinar to find out more about insider threat and ways to mitigate your exposure.


Protect Your Information Series – Insider Threats

September 20th – 1PM EDT, 6PM BST