Securing information in this day and age is imperative and security needs to address both external and internal threats. It’s important to know how people are collaborating and sharing information. It is equally important to define the owners of information, an authoritative source for making critical decisions about the data and the people and how permissions are assigned and managed. Without that knowledge any DLP or security policy will fall short of its goal.

It’s Critical…
Unstructured data is typically most out of control, whether it is e-mail, PowerPoint presentations on a file share or spreadsheets hosted on a collaborative SharePoint site. This poses a major challenge for many different silos within your organization. Even smaller organizations that maintain terabytes of unstructured data, may have no idea where or how to start with their data management and security processes.

The bottom line is that not all companies can accurately describe why they have so much data, who accesses this data and how their employees collaborate. The end-goal is to have streamlined infrastructure and make sure your data repositories are not an endless abyss of uncontrolled information. Controlling the why, who and how will go a long way to increasing the viability of any DLP or security policy.

How We Get You There…
Having a clear bi-directional view of your infrastructure, understanding the Data and the People and how they relate, will allow for the creation of an effective Security Strategy.


The SPHERE method to establishing effective security follows a multi-phased approach through assessment, strategy creation, and implementation.

Whether you simply need to understand what you have, remediate the current environment or automate the process for ongoing security policies, SPHERE Technology Solutions can help! Contact us today to discuss.