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Our mission is to empower security & IT teams to improve identity hygiene so information can be properly protected against theft and abuse.

We promise to secure your most important assets by simplifying reporting and automating remediation to resolve your access control challenges and immediately reduce your risk.

Who We Are

We are a woman-owned company that has redefined how organizations achieve controls across their environment. We’ve productized 10 years of experience into a purpose-built automation platform: SPHEREboard. The solution provides an innovative approach, starting with collection and incorporating remediation, to your most critical data, privileged accounts, on-prem messaging, and O365 assets.


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Our Story

Founded in 2010, SPHERE is an award-winning industry leader providing cybersecurity assessments and remediation services for some of the world’s largest enterprises. Our platform SPHEREboard has been productized and automated for ongoing governance and continues to adapt to meet the evolving cybersecurity needs of our customers.

Service Origins


Rita Gurevich starts SPHERE Technology Solutions as a services company focused on helping customers tackle security and manageability issues with unstructured data.


(2017 - 2019)

SPHERE develops automation to streamline service delivery. Customer demand due to industry gaps results in developing and releasing the SPHEREboard product.


(2020 - 2022)

SPHEREboard expands with new connectors and components, making the solution the only end-to-end workflow of collection, security reporting, and remediation.

Continuous Innovation

(2022 and beyond)

Continuous evolution of  SPHEREboard into a Full SaaS offering.

Our Culture

Get to know our team! SPHEREinsights is an ongoing column written by members of the SPHERE team, highlighting unique viewpoints and expertise.

The entire SPHERE team is dedicated to addressing the talent and diversity shortage in the cyber security industry.

On March 31, 2022, the company launched SP(HER)E, an interactive channel designed to highlight female leadership in cybersecurity and a platform for them to communicate their own career journeys. The initiative, which stands for Helping Everyone Rise, will highlight diverse women and allies in security each month to share their experiences and inspire others in their career growth and efforts. The program will also partner with local companies to recruit recent high school graduates to join SPHERE for a short-term internship. The interns have the opportunity to shadow a female executive, receive coaching and development advice from female leaders, perform practice interviews and engage in resume building.

SP(HER)E will invest in and recruit young women looking to make their mark in the security space by offering them hands-on experience and professional advice.

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