Data Duo: Document Management Systems (DMS) and Legal Data Security

April 18, 2019

Legal data systems are complex and document-intensive, involving both digital and paper-based information that is often improperly managed, displaced, and even housed on flawed or unsecured networks. Law firms face a dual conflict: the need for confidential files and sensitive information to be readily accessible and searchable, as well as a proper security apparatus to keep their managed data secure and compliant. Your Document Management System (DMS) is a cog in your law firm’s greater data security wheel. Here’s what you need to know about maximizing data security and DMS at your legal firm:

What is DMS?

DMS involves the storing, management, tracking, and overall control of digital documents and images of paper-based information. It is a technology solution that incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, COLD/ERM, output systems, and information retrieval systems. DMS can either be built-in or stand-alone, and can incorporate advanced functionality like user collaboration and e-filing.

Putting your document data in the cloud

Instead of buying expensive servers for document management, law firms can implement a DMS that stores, manages and tracks your electronic documents on the cloud. Providers provide backup options to keep your data secure and tagging options to keep your data immediately searchable by case files, document version, subject matter and more.

Moving to better security and compliance

At minimum, your firm should move towards a DMS provider that implements multiple data backups and encryption security. Firms themselves should look to encrypt data before uploading files and offline documents to a cloud system, while implementing security frameworks from identity and privilege access management to data governance and long-term remediation. The end goal is for your DMS and data security provider to work hand-in-hand to cut down risk, mitigate compliance and provide your firm with true control of its data.

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