SPHERE and DatAnywhere

November 17, 2013

SPHERE Technology Solutions is pleased to introduce a new product offering from Varonis. Varonis DatAnywhere gives IT the ability to provide an alternative to cloud-based file sharing solutions that is secure, easy to use, and a fraction of the cost of shipping your data to the cloud.

Cloud based file synchronization services have exploded. Organizations need to be able to provide a modern collaboration experience with the infrastructure that they’ve already invested in, and that they already know how to manage and protect.

DatAnywhere is viable for businesses because:

  • No data needs to be moved from existing file shares or migrated to a proprietary repository
  • Users can seamlessly collaborate with users that still use the same traditional CIFS shares via mapped drives or UNC paths
  • DatAnywhere adheres to existing access controls, including Active Directory User/Group structure and file system ACLs
  • Data protection and management capabilities stay in place
  • The investment in your infrastructure is protected

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