SPHERE Focuses on Data Governance for Healthcare

November 12, 2013

SPHERE will begin a series of Breakfast Seminars to inform technology leaders of what they need to know, what they should be doing to secure their data and how to implement successful Data Governance Policy. To get an invitation to a breakfast and find out more about how SPHERE can help your organization contact us.

The Ponemon Institute recently released its report on “The Economic & Productivity Impact of IT Security on Healthcare” which highlighted the issues around the implementation of new technologies that are designed to improve efficiency and enhance patient care, which also have the potential to introduce risk, so IT departments must ensure that these new systems meet security and regulatory compliance requirements to keep private information protected.

In Symantec’s “2013 Internet Security Threat Report” it was shown that Healthcare Sector is subject to data breaches at twice the rate of any other Sector.

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