SPHERE Technology Solutions Releases Corporate Video as Part of New Marketing Campaign

November 9, 2013

SPHERE Technology Solutions, New Jersey’s fastest growing, woman-owned services firm, announced today that they were releasing a corporate video, the first in a series, that will be part of their new marketing campaign.

Releasing the video over various web outlets including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and their website; SPHERE is moving to market their services through more diverse media channels, helping to reach a broader audience.

“We wanted to have more ways for people to learn about the company”, said Bill Noonan, Senior Director, adding “we are so proud of our business and our achievements in the community that it made sense to feature those through a video. By utilizing these various media channels, our goal is to educate and promote our business value to the greatest number of people possible.”

In addition to showcasing SPHERE’s successful formula for providing excellent Data Governance, Security and Compliance solutions, the footage combines customer testimonials and partner relationships along with SPHERE staff participating in community events.

The video can be seen on the Videos page.

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