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What's Your Active Directory State? (We're Guessing it's a Mess)

What’s critical to manage in Active Directory?

Active Directory (AD) is the core of an organization’s security and is the means by which users, customers, partners, IoT applications and devices authenticate to a system and receive their rights for traversing that system. Active Directory is the lifeblood for your apps, files, and users. Without it, nothing else works.


Group Policy Object (GPO) Gaps

Without uniformity, GPOs may cause login delays, exposures, and breach risks.


Accounts and Security Groups

Active Directory identities provide key controls that are critical to security workstreams.


Over-permissioned Accounts

Administrative privileges can make unauthorized or unnecessary system changes and escalations.

SPHERExperts: Active Directory Governance

SPHERE allows businesses to provide automated AD controls to an ever-growing number of technology assets, while documenting and managing security gaps and potential compliance risks.


Group Policy Object Analysis

Identify all GPO issues to be resolved to meet your unique enterprise standards.


Identity Correlation

Understand admin access and gain visibility into account privileges.


Active Directory Group Review

Analyze inventory, stale versus active, heavy group nesting, and empty groups.


Future-state Remediation

Execute AD reconciliation and maintain consistencies across all books of record.


Evergreen Processes

Define and implement a target operating model for standardization.

Our Approach

Our end-to-end approach delivers a deeper, validated, automated way to reduce risk and better govern your Active Directory.



Gather, inventory and review existing AD assets.



Correlate referential data. Document gaps.



Normalize data quality and discrepancy issues.



Identify ownership of assets by business area.



Utilize a web-based portal for reporting.

Ongoing Support with SPHERExperts

Professional Services

Signature services with a consultative approach to continuously mature and improve AD governance.

  • Assessments
  • Project Delivery and Remediation
  • Connector Implementation
  • Custom Solutions

Managed Services

Ongoing support to deal with fluid and ever-changing requirements to ensure proper controls are in place.

  • Owner Campaigns and Validation
  • Ongoing Certification and Attestation
  • Effective Group Membership Review 
  • Group Resolution

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Active Directory Groups serve as a primary mechanism for providing access to resources including data,...