SPHEREboard 4.3 Release Notes: New Navigation, Mailbox Governance, PAM and More

September 23, 2019

SPHEREboard Release Notes is an ongoing highlights reel of recent product improvements we’ve made.


Navigation. A new and improved nav across all modules allows for a cleaner, more streamlined user experience.

Navigation Menu

Mailbox Governance. This is a new module now in BETA. We’ve built visibility into individual, VIP-and shared mailboxes as well as administrative activity. You’ll be able to view the ownership of each mailbox, who has access to it as well as what permissions they have exactly for AND whether there is a security issue related to it. It’s an all-around better way to monitor your data, evaluate risks, kick off campaigns and remediate across your messaging infrastructure.

Mailbox Governance Module

Privileged Access. Another new module now in BETA, separate from our existing PAM module. What’s different? Customers can now customize how they define risk and create rules (via rules engine) that define violations. Also improved: discovery and remediation. The module allows users to showcase risk, drill down into detail to kick off a campaign and remediate. Users now have visibility into the history and trending of violations to determine success or further monitoring.

Privileged Access BETA Dashboard
Privileged Access BETA Details

Updated: ARM. We’ve made several updates including a new Campaign Results table and Audit table. We’ve also changed the Asset Review Workflow and given users the ability to save partially completed Asset Reviews.

ARM Campaign Results

Fixed: We fixed an issue where too much data resulted in the browser becoming non-responsive in ARM.

Fixed: Some bugs in Active Directory. You can now see headers in your enabled search field download and view Stale Accounts in the Statistics card (with the proper label).

Plus we’ve delivered even more …

  • Visibility: With a couple new modules out in BETA, we’ve made strides to deliver a more complete view of your data and any security issues related to them.
  • Quality: Bug fixes and performance improvements span every module.
  • Usability: With a new nav and customization features, we’ve been focused on improved UI. You have more control over how you view your data than ever before!

Download the full release notes.

SPHEREboard 4.3 Release Notes.

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