SPHEREboard 4.4 Release Notes: ARM updates, bug fixes and more

November 4, 2019

SPHEREboard Release Notes is an ongoing highlights reel of recent product improvements we’ve made.


Asset Review Module. A ton of updates on ARM. We added application roles as a new asset type in ARM. This includes the creation of a new Role Details Page as well as an Application Details Page. 

Roles Details. This new page provides the list of users who are members of that role as well as the functions within the application that the role has access to. As a result, the listed users will have access to those functions. 

Application Details. Also new, this page contains all the information about the application (from an IAM perspective) including:

  • The roles with some stats (number of users, functions) 
  • A complete list of all available functions in that application. 
  • A listing of users who are directly permissioned to functions within this application. 

Super Admins. We now have the option to add a “Super Admin”, who has the ability to see any campaign that was created. 

Updated: Donut and bar chart elements are now clickable in Privilege Access Module BETA. By clicking on the element, you get taken to the data behind that item. 

Updated: Users can now exclude a folder from becoming a collection.  This is helpful when creating collections by recurrence. 

Fixed: Users are now disabled from sending emails for an inactive campaign. 

Fixed: File downloads to display proper naming conventions.

Plus we’ve delivered even more …

  • Visibility: Owner changes in the Asset Review Module are now visible throughout all modules in SPHEREboard.
  • Quality: Bug fixes and performance improvements span every module.
  • Usability: Visual improvements on ARM, and updated filter, display and search abilities make it easier for users to find and get to the data they need. 

Download the full release notes.

SPHEREboard 4.4 Release Notes.

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