SPHEREboard 4.6 Release Notes: Granular Details, Global Search and more

January 7, 2020

SPHEREboard Release Notes is an ongoing highlights reel of recent product improvements we’ve made.


Role Granular Details. A new page that shows a list of roles for all applications. Now you can look at all roles in the details page and filter based on a variety of criteria. This is useful when exploring roles that were identified.

And User Granular Details. View all users with access to an application and then drill down the user and see what applications that they have access to.

Global Search. You’ll find it on the left panel for applications and be able to search for Applications, Roles or Functions.

Fixed: Current campaigns can now be sorted in the ascending/descending order.

Fixed: Archived campaigns now live on their own page.

Plus we’ve delivered even more …

  • Visibility: The asset scope card in ARM (for all asset types) was fixed to immediately show the current owner or queue you to assign an owner.
  • Quality: Bug fixes and performance improvements span every module.
  • Usability:  We have created a way for you to see which server in your environment is currently being reported on. This also has the option to be exported to a CSV.

Download the full release notes.

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SPHEREboard 4.6 Release Notes.

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