SPHEREboard 5.0 Release Notes: Big Things in Admin

February 6, 2020

SPHEREboard Release Notes is an ongoing highlights reel of recent product improvements we’ve made.




Big Things in Admin. We’ve introduced a slew of new features, enhancements and tools to help administrators schedule, manage and monitor the overall health of SPHEREboard.

These include…

Process Scheduler. Users can now set up scheduled jobs, including one-time tasks and recurring tasks…AND monitor the scheduled tasks and report on failed processes, services or Connectors.

Ownership Automation. This new feature delivers customize-the-ownership methods used for each of the asset types in SPHEREboard. The user will be able to provide a level of customization for each of the methods and select the order the methods are run.

File Ingestor. Upload data files such as Application role and user and/or HR data, and configure regular updates to this data. Once your HR data is uploaded, you define the field mappings. The configuration is saved and going forward anytime a new file is sent to the specified location it is ingested automatically.

Moved: Email Editor from the Asset Review Module side menu to the Administration Module to also incorporate it outside of ARM. You will still have the option to get to the Editor through the ARM module, however, the button on the side bar has been removed.

Added: An interface to modify the asset review workflow in the Asset Review Module. You now
have the ability to enable and disable workflow steps in the ARM process for an individual campaign.

Added: Asset Statuses for Remediations, which now include:

  • Not Started
  • Ownership Accepted
  • Review Completed
  • Orphaned
  • Remediation Started
  • Remediation Completed

Added: Ownership exclusion that lets you select certain individual accounts/ users or groups and exclude them from owning any assets.

Fixed: Data population in the Ingestor.

Fixed: Asset scope functionality in ARM.

Plus we’ve delivered even more …

  • Visibility: With a visual indicator that displays worker remediation status
  • Automation: With email scheduling enhancements in ARM as well as process scheduling and customize-the-ownership methods in SPHEREboard Admin.
  • Quality: Bug fixes and performance improvements span every module.

Download the full release notes.

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SPHEREboard 5.0 Release Notes

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