SPHEREboard 5.2 Release Notes: ARM, Ownership Automation and more

June 5, 2020

SPHEREboard Release Notes is an ongoing highlights reel of recent product improvements we’ve made.


Ownership Automation. We added the ability to upload a list of owners to the File Ingestor. After uploading, you will have the ability to use it in the ownership automation page.

HR Automation. The new HR Automation tool allows HR data to be imported directly from Active Directory.

Admin updates.

Also new. A legend to the Collection Creation Module explaining icons and buttons throughout the module.

Added: We’ve added GPOs (Group policy Objects) as an asset type for certification. You can now use the Asset Review Module to recertify GPO’s from Active Directory.

Added: Server, Accounts and Application counts to the Top Violations view.

Fixed: In the Asset Review Module, reassignment emails were not sent out when a new owner was proposed. This issue has been fixed.

Plus we’ve delivered even more …

  • Speed: Improved loading times on the Identity Access Management Module
  • Control: We have added the ability to add additional access in the Access Review step. You can now grant access to a new user during the access review.
  • Quality: Bug fixes and performance improvements span every module.

Download the full release notes.

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SPHEREboard 5.2 Release Notes

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