Our Story

A long track record of reducing risk

More than a decade ago, SPHERE started as a traditional services organization, helping leading financial services organizations solve security and manageability issues around their unstructured data. We developed our innovative SPHEREboard platform to automate and strengthen risk-reduction, first using it ourselves—then adding capabilities that made it an even more powerful tool for our clients. As we grew and evolved, we kept our singular focus on a daunting challenge—reducing risk by protecting identities and data.

Our culture: Authenticity. Empathy. Passion.

Our culture: Authenticity. Empathy. Passion.

These are the key values embraced by our team at SPHERE. We live and breathe them every day. Our solutions are clear and honest – guided by a maniacal drive to provide immediate value and advise customers on what’s best for their specific organization. Our empathy for clients derives from the fact that a vast majority of our leadership were IT practitioners before they joined the SPHERE team. We’ve walked in our customers shoes, experienced their problems firsthand, and understand the time, dedication and resources it takes to solve the complex issues they face every day.

We’re passionate and borderline obsessive about who we are, what we do, and how we ensure we’re constantly delivering beyond our customers’ expectations while loving long-term problems rather than short-term gains. We’re a high energy bunch whose passion is contagious resulting in creative problem solving. And we have fun while we’re doing it.

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Our People

Experienced, engaged, and empathetic

No matter how you choose to work with SPHERE, you’ll find that we’re different. More empathetic, since many of our people have extensive boots-on-the-ground risk-reduction expertise. More aware of your complex risk and regulatory challenges, because we’ve faced them, too. And more human, because we balance technological knowledge with a deep understanding of people. After all, technology alone can’t reduce risk or stop threats. It takes people.


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