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With SPHEREboard, your organization will achieve Identity Hygiene, a cleaner identity environment where account, data, and group issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

SPHEREboard powers every SPHERE engagement. It helps protect infrastructure and critical systems to reduce risk and proactively address compliance and audit concerns.

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Your Identity Hygiene Platform

SPHEREboard is a comprehensive Identity Hygiene solution that combines business intelligence, institutional knowledge, and industry best practices to reduce identity and data risk. Developed by experienced practitioners, SPHEREboard combines detailed discovery, automated remediation, seamless integration with your security ecosystem, and much more.


By continuously assessing your environment, SPHEREboard enables you to maintain a least-privilege state—so gaps get closed and your infrastructure stays clean. That’s why thousands of users rely on it every day as a key element of their risk-reduction strategy.

Your Target

SPHEREboard’s flexible approach lets you zero in on areas that matter most to you: privileged accounts, unstructured data, and Active Directory group structures. Add or adjust your focus as you move ahead. And to step up your current risk reduction, we offer a growing portfolio of targeted solutions developed with our SPHERE Alliance Partners.

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Playing Well With Others

Your organization has already made significant investments in security. SPHEREboard helps you supercharge the systems and solutions you have in place by integrating with widely adopted platforms—accelerating implementations and speeding time-to-value.

Leveraging an extensive catalog of connectors, SPHEREboard integrates with your existing technology stack to enhance the capabilities of your IAM, PAM, and data security solutions. From connecting with source systems to integrating with third-party tools, SPHEREboard is built for simple, seamless integration.

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