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Close critical gaps, strengthen your cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity keeps getting more complex. That’s why some of the world’s largest, most heavily regulated businesses rely on SPHERE to combat new threats, reduce risk, and achieve regulatory compliance.

With extensive industry experience in identity hygiene,  we’re ready to help you strengthen identity and access management with our proven SPHEREboard platform—and achieve ongoing Identity Hygiene.


What is Identity Hygiene?

We call our innovative, comprehensive approach to risk reduction Identity Hygiene.

The reason? We work with you to clean up even the most complex and hidden data and access issues to create an ongoing evergreen, least-privilege state—the kind that your business needs, regulators want, and cybercriminals hate.

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Did you know strong identity hygiene can save you money?

See how much remediation costs, and how to improve ROI.

See how much remediation costs, and how to improve ROI.

  • Estimate how many privileged accounts you really have
  • See the cost of manual vs. automated account remediation
  • Show how good cyber security = good business
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Make SPHERE Your Risk Reduction Partner

84% of organizations experienced an identity-related breach, with an average cost of $4.45M per breach.

SPHEREboard helps you take back control of your assets and your budget.

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