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Protect Your Blind Side & Secure Your Assets


Activities organizations and individuals perform regularly to maintain the security of their data, infrastructure, and applications.

Our goal of identity hygiene is to ensure only the right people have access to the right information and protect your assets from theft or attacks.

Isn’t it time you lock down access to your most critical assets?
Never fail an audit again due to mismanaged permissions.
Reduce the risk of ransomware attacks and improve data quality by saying goodbye to open and inappropriate access. 
We’ve got the solution!


Actionable Intelligence

  • Report with purpose
  • Create your own experience
  • Modernize with an intuitive interface
  • Integrate with remediation workflows


Data Quality

  • Fix data source issues
  • Ship clean data to downstream processes
  • Resolve inaccuracies in books of record


Connect | Review | Track

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Achieve completeness & accuracy even with the messiest permissions
  • Scale with flexible configurations
  • Simplify with easy tracking


Remediation At Scale

  • Remove thousands of risks each week
  • Receive global support and rollback
  • Standardize all permissions proactively

Identity Hygiene

Powered by SPHEREboard

Our state-of-the-art SPHEREboard platform combines business intelligence, institutional knowledge and industry best practices in a seamless, end-to-end workflow. Designed to effectively secure your environment by reporting and remediating on your access and data quality control challenges.

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SPHERE is a woman-owned cyber security business with the mission of protecting your data, systems and assets. We ensure security and compliance through our holistic solution of software and service ensuring effective access control of your most sensitive data assets.

Integration at Its Best

SPHEREboard was built to seamlessly integrate with native and 3rd party solutions to gain operational efficiencies and leverage your existing investment.

Software & Tech-Enabled Managed Services

Automation with SPHEREboard software gets you 80% of the way to an evergreen state. Combining it with tech-enabled managed services will get you the remaining 20%. That’s why our service engagement blends our proven automation and subject-matter expertise to fix immediate tactical issues and design solutions for ongoing governance. 

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