SPHEREboard 6.9 Release Features Advancements in Identity Hygiene and Privileged Access

New SPHEREboard Release Offers Enhanced Integrations, Safe Review, Bulk ARM (Asset Review Module) Reviews, and Expanded Connector Portfolio

March 22, 2024

SPHERE, the leading provider of Identity Hygiene solutions, is excited to announce the release of SPHEREboard 6.9. This latest release brings many new features and enhancements designed to strengthen security and streamline privileged access management.  

“We are excited to announce the release of SPHEREboard 6.9,” said James Wilde, Head of Global Engineering at SPHERE. “This release represents a significant milestone in our journey to provide our customers with the most comprehensive and user-friendly identity hygiene platform on the market. Our mission is to help organizations to sleep better knowing their attack surface is drastically reduced.” 

Key features in SPHEREboard 6.9 include: 

  • Advanced CyberArk Service Account Management: SPHEREboard 6.9 delivers unparalleled discovery capabilities for Windows accounts, identifying all associated service dependencies, including tasks, services, and IIS app pools. Additionally, customers can onboard complex service accounts to CyberArk with the confidence that password rotations will not break their applications. 
  • Comprehensive CyberArk Safe Review: Users can thoroughly review and approve access to CyberArk safes, offering clear visibility into privileged account access, and enhancing security governance. 
  • Efficient ARM Bulk Review: SPHEREboard 6.9 allows for bulk ownership and decision-making on asset retention or retirement, significantly streamlining administrative tasks. 
  • Customized Data Views and Filters: SPHEREboard now offers advanced data filtering and customization options. Additionally, users can analyze data at a granular level and explore actionable insights into security risks.
  • Enhanced Unix SUDOERS Analysis: In addition, version 6.9 extends its analysis to AD-enabled Linux accounts. Users can view the effective permissions and privileges of an AD account that has access to a Linux host, along with the method used to enable those permissions. 
  • Redis Database Connector: Markedly expanding its comprehensive database connector portfolio, SPHEREboard 6.9 adds support for Redis. This complements SPHERE’s extensive portfolio of connectors for databases. (i.e. MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, and Cassandra)

All in all, this release introduces enhanced features and integrations, solidifying SPHERE’s commitment to innovative solutions for securing identities and preventing breaches. For more information, please visit 

About SPHERE: 

SPHERE is the global leader in Identity Hygiene. We are dedicated to reshaping modern identity programs by embedding this foundational fabric, enabling organizations to quickly reduce risks. Our expertise lies in leveraging automation to deliver immediate time-to-value. We work through an identity lens that protects an organization’s accounts, data, and infrastructure.    

Driven by our core values of passion, empathy, and transparency, our vision drives us to continually innovate. We’re ready to help you address your Identity Hygiene and security challenges. 

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