Identity Hygiene Leader, SPHERE, Unveils New Ground-Breaking Product Capabilities for the Discovery and Security of Privileged Accounts Across All Core Infrastructure

SPHERE's release of SPHEREboard 6.8 delivers unmatched breadth and depth of discovery, monitoring, and protection for privileged accounts

January 17, 2024

SPHERE, the global leader, and an award-winning provider of innovative solutions for Identity Hygiene and access governance, announced today that it has strengthened its market dominance with new product capabilities that empower enterprises to discover and secure privileged access across core infrastructure such as AD, Windows, Unix, Database, and more. 

The latest release delivers unmatched breadth and depth of discovery, monitoring, and protection for privileged accounts within all critical elements that form the backbone of a company’s technological and operational capabilities. We expanded connectivity to database platforms such as MS SQL, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, MongoDB, and CassandraDB. SPHERE now stands alone as the only solution able to handle this complete use case for modern on-prem, hybrid, and cloud-centric infrastructure.

“We are continually raising the bar for Managing Access, Managing Risk and Managing Identities in the era of identity-first security. SPHEREboard provides a single pane of glass across all accounts across all critical infrastructure with these latest ground-breaking new capabilities “said James Wilde, Global Head of Engineering at SPHERE. “We leapfrogged ahead of alternatives to deliver immediate time-to-value and unmatched security for our clients, enabling them to find and reduce risks across their entire landscape of databases and data platforms – something no other vendor can match,” he added. 

The updated key features in this release include:

  • Enhanced scalability to process millions of vaulted accounts in hours – 4X faster than before
  • Upgrades to matching and analytics for continuous protection of an organization’s most valuable digital assets
  • Improved reporting and oversight into identity program status, campaign performance and remediation
  • Added automation through Virtual Worker to streamline identity administration

With its latest innovations in discovery, analytics, and automation across heterogeneous infrastructure, SPHERE provides unmatched “identity hygiene” solutions tailored for modern digital environments. For more information, please visit


SPHERE is the global leader in Identity Hygiene. We are dedicated to reshaping modern identity programs by embedding this foundational fabric, enabling organizations to quickly reduce risks. Our expertise lies in leveraging automation to deliver immediate time-to-value. We work through  identity lens that protects an organization’s accounts, data, and infrastructure.   

Driven by our core values of passion, empathy, and transparency, our vision drives us to continually innovate, helping our clients to sleep better knowing their attack surface is drastically reduced, thwarting the plans of bad actors every single day.  We’re ready to help you address your Identity Hygiene and security challenges.

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