Intelligent Discovery | Identity Hygiene Live! | Season 1: Episode 1

Intelligent Discovery: You can't protect what you don't know exists

February 2, 2024

Intelligent Discovery is the focal point of this session, exploring its role within account entitlements and its significance in mitigating organizational risk. Rosario Mastrogiacomo, VP of Strategy and Solution Engineering at SPHERE, delves into the vital aspects of discovery implementation and its impact on organizational security and risk reduction. This session also features an interactive Q&A segment, providing listeners with the opportunity to address queries related to the topic.

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Key Takeaways about leveraging Intelligent Discovery to protect your organization include:

    •  Discovery is an active process to inventory and understand the assets in an organization’s environment, especially regarding identities and account entitlements.

    • Intelligent Discovery is more than just collecting raw data. It involves understanding ownership, account types, and applying relevant controls.

    • Remediation of discovered issues involves offloading operational risk to the owner and taking action to reduce risk.


Special Guest: Kristen Buckley

SPHERE’s product manager, Kristen Buckley, shared her insights on the topic, joined Co-Hosts Rosie Mastrogiacomo and Katie MacDonald. Together, the trio offered a comprehensive look at intelligent discovery in identity security, entertaining listeners with their humorous banter. The conversation covered key aspects of discovery, such as understanding accounts and entitlements, finding ownership, and maintaining identity hygiene. The hosts also shared their own irrational fears and provided practical tips for improving security practices. Listeners can submit their security questions for the hosts to answer on future episodes. Through their passion for protecting people’s most valuable asset – their organization – the hosts inspire and motivate listeners to implement better security measures in their own lives.

“Discovery is fundamental to any security program. It’s finding all of the accounts, the entitlements. It’s actually having an inventory of what you have,” Buckley explained. “You really can’t think about remediation or even risk reduction without actually having a full understanding of everything that’s out there.” She further stressed the importance of understanding not just what each account is, but additional information around it. This includes who owns it, who’s responsible for it, and who can make decisions on it.

Understanding all accounts, assets, and entitlements can help minimize a company’s exposure when a breach occurs. By knowing what each account has access to, companies can quickly assess how far a breach extends and what has potentially been compromised.

Don’t miss this informative and entertaining podcast, available on major streaming platforms. Register for future webinar sessions here.

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