Can we be Frank?

August 22, 2016

We wish we were talking Sinatra, but we’re not.

Dodd-Frank has been around for many years and has over 240 rules, and it’s not just about financial stability.  There are numerous rules which cover the areas of data that SPHERE specializes in.

It’s all about understanding what is going on inside your company.  Can you report on what data you have, where it is, who has access, who owns the data, who uses it, how did they get permissions, etc.  Like any good government regulation there are numerous questions, but little advice on how to provide the answers.  If you don’t have the right solutions in place you will never be able to report on what needs to be supplied to keep the regulators happy.

Audit, review, report, classify, identify, control, etc.  All the things you need to do, meanwhile you have to make sure that the lights are still on and all your data is accessible to the people that need it to make money for the company.  No small task.

Understanding the complexity of data, systems and the access to them is what we do best. You can find out more about how SPHERE helps here.

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