SPHEREs of Influence, CISO Interviews: Larry Whiteside Jr. on One of the Toughest Jobs in IT

July 16, 2020

With an average tenure of fewer than 4 years, it is without question that the role of the Chief Information Security Officer is a difficult and thankless job — a disgruntled employee or any single point of failure can mean the end of a promising career, literally overnight.

Given that IT today is almost literally a battlefield rife with a host of bad actors, we’ve handpicked a series of CISOs to share their stories and provide a host of unique insights to their peers as well as those who are looking to take on the challenge.

First up is Larry Whiteside Jr., who comes to the table with a list of successful CISO roles in a few different verticals. His level of experience and expertise provides a unique glimpse into a challenging position that others in his profession may not have considered as they take an inventory of their controls and processes that will help them break the 36-month mark.

Get early access to this exclusive CISO interview to learn about:

  • Obstacles faced on your way to being a successful CISO
  • What the average day looks like versus the “not-so” average day in the life of a CISO
  • How the CISO role has changed over the years
  • What impact the global COVID-19 pandemic has had on the IT function


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