Do You Know Your Data?

Data is big and is only getting bigger.

March 11, 2014

Companies have all kinds of data – internal, client, historical, machine- and human-generated, etc. Still the question remains: how do you manage it and use it to benefit your organization?

SPHERE has a predictive, repeatable and proven approach for managing human- and machine-generated data within a variety of repositories such as: Exchange mailboxes and public folders; SharePoint; File Systems; Active Directory; Applications; etc.

Categorizing your Assets: How We Break it Down

  • Data – Understanding what you have, how it’s used, whether its active or stale and in the right repository
  • People – Understanding who has access, who is utilizing that access, whether that should be allowed or not and who is the appropriate owner

The Value: Closing the Gaps one “C” at a Time

Coupled with technologies like Splunk, we help our customers:

  • Categorization – We separate your business critical information from your non-business critical information
  • Classification – We mplement classification and taxonomy on PII, sensitive, confidential data etc.
  • Cleanup – We find stale data and purge or archive it to ensure there is no standing access to it
  • Context – Identify who has access to a resource and who is utilizing that access
  • Controls – We establish data ownership and validate permissions on resources
  • Close – Reduce risk by removing open access and excessive rights to data
  • Collaborate – Provide and implement solutions for privileged identity management
  • Continuous – Create an ongoing asset lifecycle process, entitlement reviews, access authorization solutions or chargeback model
  • Compliance – Maintain compliance of required regulations such as Dodd-Frank, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley

These strategic solutions result in immediate risk reduction, enhanced security and a more streamlined and compliant infrastructure. Additionally, in a more tactical manner, SPHERE’s solutions allow for the closure of various internal and external audit issues, reduction in storage costs, and decrease the management complexities that are inherent to data governance processes.

Do you know your Data?

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