Don’t Move a Mess!

November 17, 2014

You have decided to go to the cloud or you have decided to move data centers. So, now you have to move your data. But, what is it that you’re moving?

You back-up, you archive, you save – everything. But what do you have? Do your employees save items to their system that you might not want to have to move? Is it possible that they keep their music files saved somewhere on your system, their photos or a myriad of other personal data?

Find out what you have, who owns it, who is accessing it and whether your data is stale or active. Assess, plan, remediate, automate – the 4 steps you need to take to get an understanding of your data, identifying what you want to move and what you can remove.

Do you have a Data Governance policy in place that makes everyone aware of the life cycle of information? Is this policy enforced? Do you have periodic reviews? Who conducts the reviews, is it your audit staff?

It’s the end of the year – maybe it’s time you started cleaning up your data and start the New Year with a clean environment. Then you can move all the information that is needed to the cloud or new data center and leave all that old junk behind.

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