How Do You Make Sense of Nonsense?

May 5, 2014

Data – you think you know what you have. Maybe you have put in place a data governance strategy, you have identified owners of data, and you have removed all of the stale data. Now what? You still have terabytes of data, sitting there, waiting to be used to its fullest extent, but how do you do that?

Everyone can talk about “Big Data”, but who is using it? Is it your IT department trying to understand vulnerabilities, is it audit that is concerned about compliance or is it marketing that just wants to know what’s going to be the big seller this week? The answer is probably all of the above.

What is the best way to visualize what is going on with all of this data? Some people want a dashboard that you can drill down on for details, other people like charts, some want spreadsheets and some may even want it in a presentation. It’s just important that you have the tools to make the information accessible to the individuals within your organization that need to utilize all the data.

What tools do you use?

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