Is Your Data Heading South?

September 8, 2014

Data Migration – more and more companies are deciding to move data. Whether it’s to the “Cloud” (amazingly, not actually a cloud, more like a farm), different repositories, new data centers, etc., data is on the move.

Before you move, you should know what you’ve got. Why move stuff that shouldn’t make the trip – use the time to understand what you have, whether it’s stale or active and what the data looks like. Has it been classified? Will it be just as secure once you move it? Lots of questions that you should be able to answer. But, that can only happen if you have a strong data governance policy that has been implemented and utilized.

So, if you plan on moving data, make sure you have enacted a strong data governance plan, you have conducted a remediation of your current data and you have put in place automation tools that will ensure your data continues to be secure and compliant – no matter where it’s traveling!

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