Just How Vulnerable Are You?

May 27, 2014

How vulnerable we all are – government, business, and each of us personally – to any kind of intrusions. In this security conscious day and age, we spend huge sums on technology to protect our computer networks and data.

Of course your business is secure – right?

Can you gauge how easy it is to trick insiders and circumvent all this technological protection?

Some companies will never know – and sometimes don’t want to know – how vulnerable they are.

It is always better to find out your vulnerabilities from the “white hats” instead of finding out about vulnerabilities from the “black hats”. One is a fixed cost and the other isn’t.

Technological security always leaves some major gaps…so you need to:

  • Build resistance to social engineering into your workforce
  • Guard against the breaches & threats
  • Control the human element of security
  • Get top management buy in

If you want to understand the consequences of systematic, long-term compromise of your enterprise…

If you want to build resistance to this intrusion and any social engineering…

If you want to gain insight into a long-term enterprise-wide solution…

You need to understand your vulnerabilities.

How vulnerable are you?

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