SPHERE Insights: Pimpin’ LinkedIn, Zoom Edition

June 2, 2020

SPHERE Insights is an ongoing column written by various members of the SPHERE team, highlighting unique viewpoints and expertise. This article comes to us from sales queen and LinkedIn master, Brittany Pimpinella.

Good morning everyone.  We’re all a day later and a dollar shorter but it’s me again….Brittany Pimpinella from SPHERE Technology Solutions, back with more positive vibes, personal tips, and industry updates coming live from my brand new Staten Island headquarters located in the best of all places: the kitchen. Without many destinations outside of Home Depot, Lowes and Denino’s pizza, the latest project is replacing the closet and bedroom doors in my humble abode, where I have learned the hard way the differences between a construction router and an IT router (there was one?)… but that is just another embarrassing story for another day.

Now that working from home is the trend, the opportunity to meet clients and establish those much needed relationships and interactions in person have all but stopped. For the time being, we are limited to conference calls and web meetings, so a girl needs a plan and a consistent look to keep the opportunities moving through the pipeline.

With that said, the topic of today’s installment of Pimpin’ LinkedIn is all about video conferencing….….

Careful with those vowels guys but, for us ladies, now that COVID-19 has forced my Nordstrom and Macy’s addictions to go cold turkey, the shopping posse and I have been sadly reduced to a bunch of rogue members of some twisted Sephora online army. As the curve begins to flatten, it’s high time we start cycling through the back waters of our closet in preparation for when the trend of masked mall shopping is in full swing and the closet can be fully restocked.

It all comes down to your audience. So here are some Zoom basics:

Coworker Calls (non-management):  For mornings; pajamas, sweatpants, hats or whatever you feel like wearing that is comfortable. Showering and make-up optional.  For afternoon calls, start at the other end of the closet and work your way back. From the giggles or stares on these calls, you’ll know right away, if the latest ensemble looks like a Christmas sweater or a burlap bag (a sure candidate for the next trip to the Salvation Army bin).

Client or Management Calls: Take a shower and get yourself together, girl!  We know, without our stylists, we all are starting to look like Himalayan Yetis without a pedicure but it’s scientifically proven that a hair bun and a pair of decent glasses raises one’s IQ by at least 60 points. Unfortunately, those same recent studies have proven the direct opposite for men.

Some other rules to live by…

  • Make up can be tricky, depending on the time of day. Blue eyeliner is still not back in vogue and the 80s are over, ladies. Trust me. Background lighting is another key factor between a projection of modest beauty and a 2020 version of Vampira.  Please, check your lighting and make sure your make up doesn’t reflect back like the sun.
  • Don’t fidget, while selling your widget. No one likes an antsy pants. At least, that’s what my mom, Nancy Pimps, said till I was 25.
  • Finally…and listen up. I’ve seen it happen before. If you are NOT speaking or engaged, ALWAYS keep yourself on mute. Ladies, you’ve been cooped up for weeks now and there are a lot of things that can get pent up besides your emotions so, remember, there are a few domestic noises best kept out of any business conversation.

That is it for now but, if there is one thing that is going to come out of this better than ever, it’s my wardrobe. Stay tuned for my next installment, “Staying in shape while sitting.” If you missed my LinkedIn tips, read them here.

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