Risk, What Risk?

October 27, 2014

You have risk, everybody has risk. How do you manage it? We look at data – all kinds of data and what it can tell you can help identify and mitigate risks.

We are not just talking about Data Loss Prevention (DLP); we are talking about the vulnerabilities that you face every time one of your employees touches your data. You have to have control of your environment to be able to understand where those risks are. Each employee has normal activity that they engage in – some have a lot of rights to a lot of data (Privilege Access); how do you manage them? Do you know what constitutes normal behavior, can you track and identify when something out of the ordinary is going on? Being able to correlate information about data and people will give you the ability to have increased control of your environment.

There are plenty of scenarios where anomalous behavior indicates risk. You have to set parameters and engage business people to understand what is normal and what isn’t. Once you start tracking behavior;  you then need to empower the folks responsible for keeping an eye on the information the ability to stop and remediate any issues.

So, how do you manage risk?

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