SPHEREboard 4.0 is Here, with a Newly Designed Asset Review Module (ARM)

May 27, 2019

SPHERE Technology Solutions, a global, woman-owned cybersecurity business focused on improving security and enhancing compliance, releases the latest version of its flagship SPHEREboard product with a redesigned Asset Review Module (ARM), improving the way technologists can interact with business users to extract the entitlement information necessary to implement a Least Privileged Access model.

“We’ve reconfigured SPHEREboard with a fully integrated ARM that delivers both robust reporting capabilities on the front-end and remediation automation capabilities on the back-end,” said Rosario Mastrogiacomo, Director of Product at SPHERE Technology Solutions. “These enhancements, built with the most depth of control and automation capacity yet, further our goal to be an enterprise end-to-end solution, incorporating customizable workflows into the risk reduction process.”

With a focus on ARM, a product module that creates easy-to-use workflows to conduct the appropriate entitlement reviews and certifications, SPHEREboard 4.0 enables operators to create and manage simultaneous campaigns, assign ownership and monitor campaign progress on a single, newly designed user interface. Within the platform, users can enable multiple administrators to have access to different campaigns as well as easily reset assets when accidentally submitting or changing respective entitlements and certifications.

SPHEREboard 4.0 also introduces customization features that enable users to create and assign an unlimited number of escalation emails, tailored for target audience and message to optimize response rates and complete certifications and remediations more rapidly.

Customization features have extended across entitlement review and certification workflows and notification email development with images, logos, gifs formatted text and custom variables. The latest release also extends customization into individual SPHEREboard instances, which are now available in dark mode.

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