The Importance of Identity Security in an Era of Digital Growth

March 4, 2024
The Importance of identity Security

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the rise in cyber-attacks targeting digital identities highlights the critical need for strong Identity Hygiene strategies.  

A recent study conducted by Dimensional Research and published by the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), sheds light on the complexities and challenges that organizations face when it comes to securing digital identities. With input from 529 security and identity professionals, the study provides valuable insights into the current state and future direction of identity security. 

The Growing Focus on Identity Security 

 17% of businesses have identified securing digital identities as the primary focus of their security programs. This heightened attention is a direct response to the increasing digital presence of organizations. Cloud adoption, remote work, mobile device usage, and third-party relationships drive modern business processes. Unfortunately, this expansion of digital identities has also created new opportunities for cybercriminals, with phishing attacks being the most common type of attack. 

Impacts and Response Strategies 

The study reveals a concerning truth: 68% of businesses have experienced significant impacts on their operations due to identity-related incidents, with the cost of recovery and damage to reputation being the most notable effects. Despite these challenges, the response to attacks often lacks coordination, with only a third of businesses reporting a data breach. 

Navigating Complex Environments 

One of the biggest challenges highlighted in the study is the complexity of managing identity frameworks across multiple vendors and architectures. These technological intricacies and limited resources leave organizations struggling to find clarity and efficiency in their identity security and hygiene strategies. 

The Role of AI/ML and Passwordless Authentication 

Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning offer hope for improved identity security, with 98% of stakeholders recognizing their potential. Additionally, passwordless authentication and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) are gaining popularity as effective measures against identity threats. 

Investing in the Future 

The consensus is clear: investing in identity security is crucial. In fact, 97% of businesses plan to enhance their security measures, prioritizing reviewing privileged access and sensitive data. 

How SPHERE Can Help 

SPHERE provides a comprehensive solution to streamline and secure your organization’s Identity Hygiene processes. By incorporating SPHEREboard into your security strategy, you can leverage its powerful capabilities to simplify the complexity of your environment, improve visibility into identities, and enforce strong security controls. SPHEREboard’s innovative approach to Identity Hygiene aligns with the growing need for organizations to prioritize identity security to mitigate risk. 


SPHERE is the global leader in Identity Hygiene. We are dedicated to reshaping modern identity programs by embedding this foundational fabric, enabling organizations to quickly reduce risks. Our expertise lies in leveraging automation to deliver immediate time-to-value. We work through an identity lens that protects an organization’s accounts, data, and infrastructure.    

Driven by our core values of passion, empathy, and transparency, our vision drives us to continually innovate. Our clients sleep better knowing their attack surface is drastically reduced with SPHEREboard’s continuous protection.  We’re ready to help you address your Identity Hygiene and security challenges. 

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