Uncovering Your Unstructured Data

November 28, 2017

Companies we talk to have massive amounts of unstructured data. The biggest struggle our customers face is being unable to answer simple questions like who owns the data, what users have access to the data, how data is being used, where does the data live, etc.

SPHERE can help:

  • Prevent the loss of intellectual property
  • Implement controls with both business partners and regulators
  • Create security solutions that can be maintained and managed??

SPHERE in conjunction with Varonis can identify risk create a target operating model and remediate gaps in security..

Some examples of the work we have completed in partnership with Varonis are:

  • Identified and remediated over 5 million instances of Open Access to sensitive data for a global asset management company
  • Streamlined permissions across SharePoint for a global organization and implemented a standardized access controls based on a least privileged model
  • Performed a one-time access remediation exercise and automated access provisioning and entitlement reviews using Varonis DataPrivilege

To understand our process, you can download an in-depth document here:

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