Where Do You Spend Your Data Dollars?

June 16, 2014

Big Data, Business Intelligence, Security, Information Overload, DLP, etc. – all phrases that are in vogue. It’s a common theme, you have a lot of data, you want to use that data, and you don’t want to lose that data. But, how do you that effectively, efficiently and economically?

We wish it were easy, but it’s not. Knowledge is key. We have talked about having a CDO (Chief Data Officer); if you don’t, don’t despair, you can still have a good data strategy. It just has to involve a lot of people. Business side and technical side need to work together in creating a viable solution. Not easy, but definitely possible.

We preach day in and day out about knowing your data – what you have, what is stale vs active, who owns the data, who has access to the data, who should have access and how people are accessing data.

Are all your data dollars spent just on storage? Do you have any strategy for using the data, if so, what tools do you use? Data is not just for sales and marketing. Data is used in all areas of your business and you should have a strategy that addresses a variety of use cases. There is not one-stop shop for identifying, authorizing and utilizing data – but having a good strategy can help you define your needs.

What are you spending your money on?

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