Where Does Your Data Flow?

May 19, 2014

Ah, the good old days, everything was at work, your computer, your phone, your files. From a security point-of-view, that was bliss. You were only concerned with someone walking away with hard copies of information. The world has definitely changed.

Now people work 24/7 from anywhere they want. It’s not only company controlled infrastructure, now there’s BYOD. So, how do you know where the data is and where it’s going? More and more information is being passed through your organization to the outside world. In healthcare there are more and more instances of data being shared between hospitals, doctors, outside facilities, etc. that the increase in breaches is no longer news. It happens, we know it’s going to happen, we just don’t know how or when.

Knowing where your data is and where it’s going is just one more issue that is facing the IT department, auditors and now business people. It’s important that the business side understands the risks associated with the proliferation of outside devices and communication. It can no longer be the attitude that the IT department is responsible for the data. Business owners should be acknowledging that they own the data and are responsible for its welfare. IT can help by providing tools that non-technical users can understand and utilize to track where the data is and where it’s going.

Do you know where your data is going?

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