Who’s on Your Cloud?

June 9, 2014

Nearly 50 (fifty!) years ago the Rolling Stones wanted people off their cloud. As people and companies are moving more and more data to the cloud the line “two’s a crowd, on my cloud, baby” is prescient.

So what are you doing with your data? Are you moving it to the cloud? If so, what do you have and what are you bringing with you? Any time that you are dealing with the migration of data you need to understand what you’re migrating. If your data is in disarray in its current state, it’s not going to get better just by moving it. You need to understand what you have, who owns the data, what is stale or active and what you want to bring with you in your move.

Moving is a great time for cleaning. Imagine your last move – did you throw away a lot of stuff that had accumulated since your previous move? Of course you did. It’s the same with data. If you plan on migrating it, whether to a cloud or a different repository or file structure, then you need to do an analysis of what you have, plan for the migration, remediate the data and then put in place a plan to ensure that you don’t continue to accumulate unnecessary information.

What’s your favorite Stones song?

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