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Remove open, excessive & non-standard access

  • Assess data access holistically
  • Scale remediation capabilities
  • Resolve open access data issues
  • Identify privileges
  • Identify accurate ownership
  • Determine data entitlements
  • Maintain an evergreen estate

SPHEREboard for DATA

  • Know your inventory, showcase your vulnerabilities and build custom Control Scorecards.
  • Holistically gain insights across your unstructured data both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Proactively assign owners and run campaigns to enforce Zero Trust Security principles.
  • Resolve access control violations with scalable Virtual Workers who provide tracking and reporting.

Practical and Flexible Dashboards

We know that every company needs to view their data differently and each department owns unique risks.  That’s why SPHEREboard enables companies to create purpose-built dashboards tailored to the use cases and personas that best fit their organization.

Who Owns Your Data?

There is no one size fits all approach to accurately identify ownership. SPHEREboard provides a simple interface that applies business logic across your unstructured data while enabling you to proactively build your own rules. This resolves incorrect ownership within your books of record and eliminates ownership gaps moving forward.

Automated and Scalable Remediation

Gone are the days of manually fixing open, excessive and non-standard access. SPHEREboard’s proprietary Virtual Workers allow customers to build recipes of remediation including change control integration and rolling back capabilities and ownership sign-off to minimize critical change impact.

Faster, Smarter, More Automated Data Controls

SPHEREboard is a purpose-built solution based on 10 years of expertise. Watch how our practical, logical approach can help you solve open access issues.



Focus on your high-risk users

  • Perform account discovery
  • Evaluate account controls
  • Identify account type and usage
  • Establish account ownership
  • Analyze privileged account reach
  • Remove access with virtual workers
  • Maintain an evergreen estate


  • Locate all your accounts and organize them by use case and type.
  • Configure specific rules to find violations of your controls and prioritize for remediation.
  • Catalogue owners of all accounts.
  • Determine appropriate remediation strategy based on blast radius and account reach.
  • Curtail access where it’s no longer needed.
  • Vault accounts where necessary. Recertify frequently.

Full Visibility and Control

Discover and analyze all the privileged access accounts that exist within your system environments. View the reach and relationship between source systems and applications, ownership, account use cases, and associated risk levels for every account.

Actionable Intelligence

Through algorithms and deep machine learning, we provide a clear, intelligence-driven picture about the security health of your privileged accounts. This enables you to identify specific risk profiles in your environment.

Depth of Automation

SPHEREboard is a cross-platform solution that pulls various disparate data sources and integrates with industry leaders in the vaulting space. We’ll enable you to automate certification workflows and seamlessly onboard to your vaulting system of choice, whether CyberArk or native methodologies.



Resolve mismanaged permissions

  • Evaluate group controls
  • Remediate non-standard access
  • Identify group nesting risks
  • Distinguish privileges
  • Classify group ownership
  • Identify Group policy object (GPO) risks
  • Maintain an evergreen estate


  • Holistically collect and visualize all access controls across your assets.
  • Establish ownership by applying machine learning and customized logic for improved accuracy and completeness.
  • Leverage account attributes to map group controls to account types and identify control violations.
  • Configure custom workflows to automate the remediation of mismanaged permissions.

Identify Problematic Groups and Remediate

Inventory all Active Directory (AD) groups and automatically highlight those that are problematic. Flatten heavily and circular nested groups and retire empty groups that that are no longer in viable.

Catalogue Ownership and Establish Use Case

Automations select and customize predefined business rules to intelligently choose the appropriate Active Directory group owners. Based on logic and patterns, correlate data from ancillary data sources, understand what each group is used for in terms of providing access to applications, resources, or data sets.

Automate Certification of Ownership Usage and Membership

Simplify and automate AD group reviews whether the activity is part of a remediation program or via a scheduled quarterly exercise. Leverage pre-built questionnaires or customize your own questions. Track progress and automate changes, such as pruning membership.



  • Sanitize and ship access hygiene data to downstream processes
  • Streamline Onboarding of Applications to IGA Platforms
  • Enumerate Complex Nested Groups

SPHEREboard for IAM Feeds

SPHEREboard for IAM Feeds provides a simple process for onboarding and certifying entitlements for all your critical applications.

Dedicated Details Pages for Onboarded Applications

Deep dive into the role and function details for all your applications. Quickly determine the number of users with access and the various ways in which access can be granted. Add columns to each card for a deeper understanding of administrative access, ownership, and associated HR details about users.

Automate Application Access Reviews

Create custom campaigns for Application Roles and provide owners the ability to certify access. Create custom workflows to deploy required identify which accounts should be maintained or removed. Automate escalation emails for unresponsive owners and easily track progress of entitlement reviews.

Deep Dive Into Application Role Analytics

Immediately understand which accounts are members of specific Application roles, how they were provisioned, and the details surrounding account type. Learn the functions assigned to each role and verify the performance activities based on granted access.

Expansion Packs

Messaging and Collaboration

Proper Governance of User, VIP, and Shared Mailboxes

View mailboxes and all permission issues. Determine who has access and how/where it was granted. Inventory use case, quota, and other metadata.

Identify and Certify Distribution List Ownership and Membership

Automate ownership identification and review membership through custom business rules to suit your environment.

Eliminate Public Folders

Organize public folders into logical collections to pinpoint entire trees that can easily retire. Catalogue use cases and ownership for active collection. Automate owner outreach for migration planning and execution.

O365 & Cloud

Single Pane of Glass Across On-Prem and Cloud Infrastructure

Gain visibility into every asset in the messaging environment and every person with access across Azure AD and cloud Office365. Summarize major risks and gain actionable intelligence across unstructured data, mailboxes, distribution lists, and AD groups.

Proper Governance of Cloud Infrastructure

Logically review and certify memberships and eliminate stale/empty roles and functions. Differentiate membership and manage risk across shared folders. Automate management and remediate security issues as they arise.

Automation to Identify, Prioritize and Remediate Risk

Automate processes that establish assets and security baselines, define ownership, conduct entitlement reviews, and remediate high risk areas. Seamlessly track and report on risk reduction efforts every step of the way.

Our Methodology



SPHEREboard delivers agentless, comprehensive, flexible data collection with a small footprint.



SPHEREboard delivers proprietary collection and ownership automation with tailored data mapping.



SPHEREboard delivers risk metrics combined with prioritized work-effort metrics, alongside tightly coupled workflows between analysis and clean-up efforts.



SPHEREboard delivers holistic and customizable asset review with fully audited tracking capabilities.



SPHEREboard delivers simple and flexible templates for automated actions with 3rd party integrations.

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