Introducing SPHEREboard 3.8

October 12, 2018
After years of working for large organizations, I have an almost paranoid fear of getting stuck in a rut; of developing a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude that often plagues large software companies. These companies often fear change either because of risk of failure or because the work is too challenging.

When I work with our developers here at SPHERE, I always ask them “what if you were doing this with no previous code, would you build it from scratch this way?” We like to look at every feature like it doesn’t exist and we are building it for the first time. What this does is free us from the baggage of “we’ve always done it this way.” It’s what provides clarity of vision and how innovation gets done. 100 years ago, if humanity just wanted to make a better calculator, we would never have machine learning today.

This week we released the latest version of SPHEREboard – SPHEREboard 3.8. This release includes some dramatic changes that provide even more visibility and understanding of your data and systems to help reduce risk and deliver better security to your organization.

Here are just a few of the changes:

Unstructured Data Risk Card

The UDM Risk rating card has gone through a dramatic facelift in this release. The individual dials have been replaced with a Risk Bar that shows exactly how the risk is broken down across the organization. Hover over each division and see the breakdown for that area of the organization. The new risk gauge shows how widely dispersed the risk is in the organization. The Risk Factors sections highlights the factors (we call them Risk Multipliers) that allow our customers to fine-tune our algorithms for risk reporting.

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Through this level of visibility and knowledge, you can act and target the divisions most at risk to give you the biggest bang for your remediation dollars. Alternatively, you can target non-critical areas with large amounts of low risk to decrease your overall risk.

Privileged Access Management

In 3.8 we’ve introduced a whole new way of looking at your privileged access data. We’ve always reported on your most privileged users by the account owner or server owner. With 3.8, we now show the same data but pivoted on application owners. Server and account ownership is still available. Each of the PAM cards now includes a toggle switch to see the data from each of the different perspectives (server owner, application owner or account owner).

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This allows you to have complete visibility into exactly who has privileged accounts, what servers those accounts have access to as well as what applications they have access to.

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Privileged Details by Application Owner

Along with the updated account instances and inventory cards, we’ve included a new details view to give you the list of all the privileged accounts along with the applications they have access to.

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This is a great way to give your business, technology and audit personnel all the accounts and users who have access to the applications they own.

This is just a small sample of the updates we’ve made to SPHEREboard 3.8 and it’s underlying core components. In the coming releases, you will continue to see new features and added functionality as we work towards our goal of giving our clients better control over their data and security.


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Rosario Mastrogiacomo
Director of Product

Rosario is Director of Product at SPHERE Technology Solutions. As an experienced technology executive with over 20 years of experience, Mastrogiacomo is responsible for the strategy of SPHERE’s suite of solutions including SPHEREboard. Prior to joining SPHERE, Mastrogiacomo held high-level positions at multiple Financial Services organizations; managing technology groups charged with core infrastructure, and end-user products.

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