Who Wants a Slice of SPHEREboard?

March 3, 2019

There’s something special about eating at a dive diner. The kind of place where you can see the grill. The burgers are greasy and the fries crisp. The coffee tastes so good you wonder why Starbucks or Dunkin don’t have a “dive diner” flavor. It’s comfort food. You throw out the diet for that one meal and you just sit in the booth enjoying every minute of it. Nothing completes that meal better than the warm pie at the end. It’s the best part of the meal.

Today, we release SPHEREboard 3.14, and just like that first bite of dive diner pie, we’ve packed this release with a ton of goodness for you.

So here’s what we have on the menu for SPHEREboard 3.14 (pie release):

Know Your Data

Know Your Data is a brand new module which allows your business users to have a corporate level view of the data they own without the complexity and possible confusion of security and risk metrics you get from the traditional Unstructured Data Module.

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Rules Engine

SPHEREboard has always been about providing customized, actionable reporting. In the past, that level of customization was provided through professional services or customized development.  With the new Rules Engine in 3.14, you can set up your own rules for security issues, assign a risk score and do deep what-if analysis across all your unstructured data.

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Folder Tree View

The folder tree view from our administrative page allows you to drill into all the folders and sub folders in selected servers so you can analyze permissions and select folders to be collected.

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For the cherry on top, along with all these front-end changes, we’ve also released new versions of NetApp, CyberArk, SharePoint and AD Connectors.

Are you ready to dig in? Contact us for a fork.


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Rosario Mastrogiacomo
Director of ProductRosario is Director of Product at SPHERE Technology Solutions. As an experienced technology executive with over 20 years of experience, Mastrogiacomo is responsible for the strategy of SPHERE’s suite of solutions including SPHEREboard. Prior to joining SPHERE, Mastrogiacomo held high-level positions at multiple Financial Services organizations; managing technology groups charged with core infrastructure, and end-user products.

Check out some of Rosario’s latest thoughts on Privacy in 2023. 


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