SPHERE’s CEO, Rita Gurevich, takes part in NPower’s “Leadership in IT” Panel Discussion

March 13, 2018

SPHERE Technology Solutions President & Founder, Rita Gurevich, took part in a panel discussion hosted by NPower, where the panelists discussed their backgrounds, how they got into their role and their mentors along the way. They closed off the panel by givng their best interview tips to the students and veterans who attended.

Accompanying Rita on the panel was Vincent Amatulli, Chief Technology Officer for Broadridge, Seth Wainer, Chief Information Officer for the City of Newark, Jeremy L. Sonnenburg, Head of Global Technology at the Royal Bank of Canada, and Michael A. Mason, Senior VP at Verizon, as the moderator. Rita captivated the audience by sharing her story of how she built SPHERE around the collapse of Lehman Brothers and how she has always looked up to her parents as role models.

The students and veterans were inspired by Rita’s story and guidance. “Cybersecurity is an amazing field to be in for a number of reasons,” Rita said. “The number one reason is that it’s not going away; it’s going to be part of nearly every technology job. The other great part about cybersecurity for people who may not have a strong background in it is that nobody does! It’s a new industry and every single person is learning on the job. We are just now finding institutions that provide in-depth training programs and colleges are now starting to have curriculum’s based on cybersecurity. The whole industry is completely open for the taking and the number of software companies that are forming in the cybersecurity space overnight is unbelievable.”

Find out more about Rita’s story here.

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