Pulse Q&A with Rita Gurevich, Being Proactive in Cyber Security

November 25, 2019

Our very own Rita Gurevich, SPHERE president and founder, chatted with Pulse Q&A on being proactive in cybersecurity. Read the full conversation here. Short on time? Here are key takeaways for CIOs, CSOs, CDOs, and CCOs:

Security is a driver Every company cares about security. Every job now has some security aspect to it, even on the operations and the infrastructure side. Companies are realizing that they have to be proactive instead of reactive.

New themes User behavior analytics, machine learning, and AI are becoming key to managing security threats.

Niche over end solutions Protect your IP and recognize that cyber security is not just preventing people from coming in but protecting everything from the inside out. Go for specialized help when looking for third party help.

Protect the internal Don’t neglect insider threats — address this as an issue and put controls in place so you can manage better.

Take risks It’s better to fail than do nothing, when it comes to cyber security.

Being Proactive in Cyber Security

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