Rita Gurevich Named Top Fifty to Watch in 2023!

January 12, 2023

SPHERE’s CEO & Founder, Rita Gurevich, was featured in TAG Cybers newest publication “Fifty to Watch in 2023: People Shaping Cyber.”


Cyber hygiene is an essential component of any modern protection scheme for enterprise. And yet, it remains one of the more neglected aspects of security programs. Rita Gurevich is an innovator in this space, and as head of New Jersey-based SPHERE, she is in a good position to drive companies toward improvement. This is especially necessary in the area of identity management, where weak schemes abound. The main issue involves the setup, configuration and administration of identity-based credentials. When companies fail to do this properly, the entire enterprise is placed at risk, because hackers know full well to target this aspect of an IT infrastructure. The cleanup and rationalization of this identity information is known as identity hygiene, and it is where Gurevich has great influence. We will be watching to see whether this area accelerates across enterprise, and if the SPHERE solution will provide an attractive means of measuring progress. We certainly hope to see more emphasis, but we also know that foundational issues such as hygiene are often set aside in favor of flashier controls. We’ll be keeping an eye on this in 2023.


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