What We Learned at SKO 2020

January 30, 2020

Last week, the entire SPHERE team headed to Atlantic City for our first annual Sales Kick Off (SKO), a companywide forum to showcase advancements, product updates and roadmaps for the year ahead. Here’s what we learned.

2019 was a milestone year. If you missed our full recap, read here. SPHEREboard saw some major changes, headed by Rosario Mastrogiacomo, Doug Bayne and their teams (Product and Professional Services, respectively). 2019 introduced big changes to the way we hunt for privileged accounts, build collections and automate the asset review process. Mailbox governance was another huge product update (h/t Doug Bayne) that was realized last year.  

We’re sticking to some core (product) values. User empowerment, competitive replacement, core architecture and continuous improvement to be exact. These are our SPHEREboard values and what we are delivering to the market these next 12 months. Be on the lookout for process updates, interface changes, an HR refresh, new connectors, increased agility along with more customization and automation. We could go on. Did we mention SPHEREboard 5.0?

Speaking of SPHEREboard updates…

We’re unveiling a whole new take on SPHEREboard. It’s all about how we help firms understand the state of their environment, identify immediate risks and automate campaign workflows to remediate.​ Stay tuned. 

(John Kilnck, salesman extraordinaire, is very excited about it.)

Stats of note. We analyzed 680 million assets on SPHEREboard last year, bringing our all time total upwards of 3.4 BILLION (with a B). We also added 17 new product components last year, from new connectors to modules.

Our keynote got our creative juices flowing. Our resident strategy guru, Adnane Charchour delivered a killer keynote presentation on creativity at the center of success. His five tips? 

  1. Find your inner child
  2. Train your brain
  3. Ask the 3 Ws (Why? What if? Why not?)
  4. Establish the fifth degree of why (see here)
  5. Implement a head up vs. head down mentality (i.e. make time for it!)

 And lastly…

We recognized some all star SPHEREians. 

  • DO-ER OF THE YEAR: Michael Dong aka MD
  • BEST NEWBIE: Chelsea White – So glad you joined the team!
  • TOP SALES: Brittany Pimpinella – She goes by many names, Pimps, BP, Boss Lady.
  • INNOVATION GENIUS: Josh Gribbon – Singlehandedly SPHEREheaded 2 new product lines! Known For – Loving orange!
  • MVP: Jeremy Chung –  Nobody low talks better than Chung!

One final S/O to all our great speakers and fellow SPHEREians who made SKO engaging and productive success. Here’s to a great year!

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