SPHERE and BigID Join Forces!

April 20, 2023

New Strategic Alliance Bridges Intelligent Access Control to Remediate Risk

NEW YORKApril 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SPHERE, provider of innovative solutions for identity hygiene and access governance, and BigID, the leading platform for data security, compliance, privacy, and governance, today announced a strategic alliance that offers joint customers the ability to identify and remediate identity hygiene risks based on data sensitivity. The joint solution will reduce the attack surface and automatically remove open and excessive access to sensitive data.

SPHERE leverages BigID’s discovery in-depth capabilities to enrich their access control offering – providing customers with deep classification and insight on their unstructured data to help in prioritizing remediation activities. BigID finds, classifies, and tags all unstructured and structured data by sensitivity, type, owner, residency, regulation, and more, while SPHERE resolves mismanaged permissions to that sensitive data.

Together, the joint solution provides customers with the ability to focus their remediation activities on the most sensitive areas of the business, automate the remediation of findings, and reduce risk and overhead for the business. Customers can:

  • Focus their remediation activities on the most sensitive areas of the business.
  • Automate the remediation of findings, reducing risk and overhead for the business.
  • Discover identity hygiene issues such as open, excessive, and non-standard access including toxic combinations – this will address a common attack vector that has caused 80% of breaches.
  • Understand the audit history of access and the ability to report on problematic events.

“We’re excited to partner with SPHERE to offer our customers the ability to identify toxic combinations of open access to sensitive data with the ability to prioritize and automate the remediation of findings resulting in a smaller attack surface for bad actors,” said Marc DeGaetano, CRO of BigID. “Together, we can help businesses better understand their identity hygiene risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them.”

“Our mission at SPHERE is to provide an identity lens to data security problems, enabling a much more holistic and sustainable approach to managing access to sensitive data,” said Rita Gurevich, CEO of SPHERE. “Our partnership with BigID will enhance our capabilities and allow us to offer our customers a more robust solution for managing identity hygiene risks based on the data itself.”

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