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SPHERE's President and Founder Rita Gurevich describes the advantages of SPHERE's New Jersey location in her interview with Esther Surden of

November 8, 2013

Humble Beginnings and Revolutionary Strides

A graduate of Steven’s Institute of Technology and a resident of Hoboken, Ms. Gurevich is proud of her NJ roots. Rita exudes excitement as she witnesses her technology firm flourishing in the Garden State while establishing a global presence.

“The ability to create a company, have it be successful, and run it from my home state is very fulfilling.” Rita went on to emphasize the challenges of entrepreneurship in present times. She highlighted that SPHERE has achieved consistent year-over-year growth for the business through a well-crafted strategy and unwavering focus.

“At we are focused on reporting about the business of technology in New Jersey,” stated Esther Surden. “[Futhermore,] a significant part of our mission is to reveal how the State’s business climate helps or hinders the development of tech businesses. We are pleased to interview CEOs and other executives of great, growing companies like SPHERE. We hope their voices will be heard in Trenton.”

During the insightful interview, Ms. Gurevich delved deeper into the unique advantages of New Jersey as a technology hub. She highlighted the state’s vibrant talent pool, proximity to major metropolitan areas, and its increasingly tech-friendly ecosystem. These factors fueled SPHERE’s growth and enabled them to attract top-tier talent, fostering innovation and excellence within the company.

There’s No Place Like Home

Moreover, Ms. Gurevich’s commitment to her home state goes beyond business. She aims to give back and inspire the next generation of tech enthusiasts. Her passion for fostering a thriving tech ecosystem in New Jersey was a central theme throughout the discussion.

All in all, SPHERE’s success and Ms. Gurevich’s dedication serve as a testament to the state’s potential as a tech powerhouse. From humble beginnings to today, Ms. Gurevich poses a significant impact in her home state and beyond.

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