SPHERE Furthers Depth of Security Automation with Virtual Workers

September 11, 2018

Virtual Workers Automates Complex Remediation Processes Across SPHERE’s Flagship SPHEREboard Solution

SPHERE Technology Solutions, a global, woman-owned cybersecurity business focused on improving security and enhancing compliance, announces the further development of Virtual Workers, an automated framework that will facilitate the remediation of complex data and provide better governance via the SPHEREboard platform.  

SPHERE Virtual Workers is built to make firms more secure in less time and with fewer resources. Virtual Workers delivers smart automation across various remediation processes including removing open access, pruning privileged access, certifying ownership, and performing asset reviews. As part of SPHEREboard, clients will be able to implement the Asset Review Module (ARM) alongside Virtual Workers to make remediations a simpler, less expensive, and less time consuming process.

“Remediation processes, while integral to solid data governance, can be a major strain on a firm’s resources,” says SPHERE President and Founder, Rita Gurevich. “The depth of automation we provide, furthered by the introduction of Virtual Workers, ensures that these are significantly less time-consuming and costly processes for our clients.”

As part of SPHEREboard’s risk reduction workflow, the Unstructured Data Module (UDM) will provide risk reporting on sensitive data to create an action plan for remediation. Clients can flip to remediation mode to leverage the Asset Review Module (ARM) and Virtual Workers to automatically fix the issues, scheduling updates, remediating areas of high risk and targeting a firm’s most valuable assets.

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